March 2012

DADCO’s New SLN.180 Flange Model Lifter

sln_090_180_groupThe new SLN.180 flange model micro-nitrogen gas lifter from DADCO provides an all-in-one approach to flanging applications. This robust 50 mm diameter body lifter is available with two guide rod options: FA with a domed rod and rod locator for attachment to the upper die and FB with a flat rod end. DADCO’s popular Micro 180® gas spring, housed inside the guide rod, provides reliable lifting force.

The SLN.180 flange model provides on-contact force up to 80 pounds and is available with stroke lengths from 63 mm to 200 mm. The lifter meets Ford die standards for stamping components.

A two-page, full-color bulletin introducing the new SLN.180 flange model micro nitrogen gas lifter is available from DADCO. It contains solid model drawings, ordering information and application data.