Piping and Monitoring Nitrogen Gas Spring Systems

[expand title=”SMS / SMS-i Systems”]

Sectional Mounting Systems

Descriptions and examples of sectional mounting systems-internal (SMS-i®) and sectional mounting systems (SMS®).

SMS-i® Installation and Operation

Recommendations for installing and operating SMS-i® layouts to maximize cost savings.

Shut-off Valve for SMS-i®

Details on the MV-3G shut-off valve, used with a Sectional Mounting System – Internal (SMS-i®).


[expand title=”Converting to a Piped System and Piping Recommendations”]

Linked Operations

Instructions on how to convert a self-contained mini gas spring to an open-flow spring for a linked system.

Linked Operations – U Series

Instructions on how to convert a self-contained Ultra Force® gas spring to an open-flow spring for a linked system.

Micro Series Linked System

Instructions on linking micro series nitrogen gas springs using the exclusive MINILink® system.

DF Tubing

Instructions on how to order a DF tubing assembly.

How to Order a Hose Assembly

Instructional steps for ordering a hose assembly.

MINILink System

Details the components needed for the MINILink® system.


[expand title=”Constructing a Hose Assembly”]

Constructing a SEAL-LOK Hose Assembly

Instructions on how to assemble reusable or permanent SEAL-LOK hose assemblies.

Constructing a MINILink Hose Assembly and Using the 90.710.8 Mini-Crimp

Instructions for constructing a hose assembly using the MINILink® system and using the 90.710.8 mini crimp.

Portable Crimping Unit

Part numbers and descriptions for the different parts of the portable crimping assembly and step-by-step instructions on how to use this unit.


[expand title=”Surge Tank”]

Surge Tank Design, Installation & Maintenance

Design information and detailed maintenance instructions for surge tanks that are used with open-flow systems to increase the volume and reduce the pressure rise.


[expand title=”Fittings”]

D-24 Tapered Fittings

Details the D-24 tapered fitting series.

M6 to G 1/8 Port Adapters

Details the M6 port adapters that allow linking of M6 ported gas springs with traditional large hose, requiring G 1/8 BSPP connections.

Compact ORFS Hose Adapters

Details the compact O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) hose adapters.


[expand title=”Control Panels”]

Control Panels

Ordering information and features of the two new control panels used to fill, drain and monitor the pressure in linked systems: mini convertible control panel and convertible control panel.

Vibration Resistant Bleed Valve

Our new optional vibration resistant bleed valve used with Mini Convertible and Standard Convertible Control Panels to prevent unintended system exhaust resulting from excessive in-die vibration.


Ordering information and features of the multi-panel. Includes information on how to fill and exhaust linked systems using the multi-panel.


Guide to ordering replacement gauges for load cells and control panels.


[expand title=”Pressure Monitors”]

Electronic Pressure Monitors

Details on the variety of electronic pressure monitor and base options available.

GM Specific Electronic Pressure Monitor

Details on the General Motors specific pressure monitor to monitor nitrogen gas pressure during operation. The block is specifically designed to match GM standards.

Compact Digital  Pressure Monitors

Details on the Compact Digital Monitors, 90.421 and 90.422.D.

90.421.1 / DPM1

Instructions for using pressure monitors.

90.421.2 / DPM2

90.421.2D / DPM 2D

90.406.421 / Digital Control Panel Instruction Manual

Pressure Indicator

Details about the optional pressure indicator option that is used to monitor the pressure inside the nitrogen gas spring.